My bullet journal setup for 2019

Hello dear visitors,

More than 10 days have passed from the beginning of the year, but it’s never too late to share my bullet journal setup for 2019!


This is the notebook for my 2019 bullet journal: Scribbles That Matter, Iconic version (black). 

I’m that kind of bullet journalist who is committed in dedicating one entire notebook for one year. Therefore, I will only fit my monthly and weekly spreads into this notebook in order to prevent running out of pages mid-year.



These are my future planning pages.

Other than the mini calendars, I tried to keep these pages as minimal as possible. You can see I’ve already put down the dates of my family’s birthdays, release dates I’m looking forward to, professional exam dates, etc.


My yearly goals and event page.

This year, I have categorized my yearly goals into five areas: Career, Reading, Personal, Health & Fitness, and Creativity. For my goal-setting, I followed Ryder Carroll’s emphasis on ‘process rather than outcome,’ after reading his book The Bullet Journal Method. That’s why I put “exercise 3 times a week” under Health & Fitness, rather than “lose weight to xxkg.”

For the event page, I created 12 equal boxes on a single page and put down the dates of interesting events going on in my city, such as concerts, musicals, festivals, etc. These are the events I’d like to go to, if I can.


These are my favourite pages of my yearly setup: Movies of 2019 (and TV Shows) and Book Log 2019.

There is a major difference between these two spreads, other than the different media. On the Movies of 2019 spread, I will put down the titles of the movies and TV shows I’d like to check out. On the Book Log 2019 spread, I will write down the title of the books I have actually read, with the author, date I finish, and genre (fiction or non-fiction).

I’m happy with the way my yearly bullet journal setup has turned out! I’m glad that I can start the new year with a fresh notebook for bullet journaling. Let me know other interesting bullet journal ideas for this year!