Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia, Canada

Last Thanksgiving (October 7-8), my parents and I paid second visit to my brother stationed in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The reason behind this trip was to tour the famous Cabot Trail, the beautiful scenic roadway along the Atlantic Ocean in northern Nova Scotia.  The photos above were taken from the Skyline trail on which you could get breathtaking views of the road beside the shining waters of the Ocean.

This trip was decided spontaneously for my jealous whining after my brother’s boost of his recent visit to the famous driveway, after missing my own opportunity during my last visit in Halifax back in August. I had planned on it but obviously no one had knowledge of this fabulous tourist attraction until now. To enjoy the beautiful scenes that have earned the fame of Cabot Trail, you have to pass through the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.  This is the place where you can truly taste and feel the peaceful beauty of ‘Atlantic Canada’ cannot be found in anywhere else.