2013 Reading Challenge Completed: 20 books


I was not sure of my own reading capacity so I started this year with a humble number of 20 books. Well this modest number was decided mainly due to my eager for success. A lot went on since the beginning of this year, so I finally found time on my own since March.

Had I not have been in the teaching job, I’m not sure if I was able to accomplish this reading challenge, since 60% of the books read was compulsory for my teaching classes. I am going to increase it to 30 books next year.

I played with this list into several tangible subcategories:


The Old Man and The Sea (first read in the 11th grade)

Miguel Street (first read in undergraduate)

The Da Vinci Code (first read in Korean)


The Young Man and the Sea

The Ear, The Eye and The Arm

The Mysterious Benedict Society

Adam of the Road

Archer’s Quest

Ramona Forever

The Hunger Games

The Da Vinci Code

Maniac Magee

Ender’s Game

Where the Mountain Meets The Moon



The Pearl

Portrait of Artist as a Young Man

Miguel Street

The Old Man and the Sea



Tess of the D’Urbervilles

The Grapes of Wrath


The Pearl

The Young Man and the Sea

Miguel Street

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Helplessly Childish To Keep In My Bookshelf:

Ramona Forever

Archer’s Quest 

Matilda (but I read it for leisure)

Glad To Meet:

Ender’s Game

The Mysterious Benedict Society

Most Challenging But Glad To Finish:

Portrait of Artist as a Young Man

Took Longest Time But Glad To Finish:

The Grapes of Wrath (2.5 months)

Looking Forward To Seeing the Movie Versions of:

Ender’s Game

Messenger (its prequel, The Giver is being made into movie so why not?)


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