Inside Osgoode Hall

Last Thursday, I paid a much-anticipated visit to Osgoode Hall, a heritage building in Toronto.  My love of history and my fading interest in law has instilled a sense of admiration to this historic site, but had not encountered a particular motivation to walk into the building until that day.

Below is the official introduction of the site and its architecture:

Osgoode Hall is a heritage building located at 130 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario. This historic site is the focus for legal activity in Ontario and has garnered attention for over 170 years. Osgoode Hall occupies six acres and was acquired by the Law Society of Upper Canada in 1829. The name Osgoode Hall honours William Osgoode the first Chief Justice of the province…. The interior of Osgoode Hall possesses unique architectural achievements. The heritage courtrooms are from the late 1800’s. Convocation Hall boasts ten gorgeous stained glass heraldic windows covering 4,000 years of law. The Great Library touted as the most beautiful room in Canada has an intricate ceiling, cork floors and triple cube design. The rotunda is spectacular from the original tiling on the floor to the elegant arched pillars surrounded by elaborate oil paintings of former Chief Justices of the Province. Since 1840 Osgoode Hall has been co-owned by the Ontario Government and the Law Society. The Court of Appeal for Ontario, the Superior Court Of Justice and the Law Society of Upper Canada currently reside at Osgoode Hall.”


Osgoode-Hall-005 Osgoode-Hall-006 Osgoode-Hall-007 Osgoode-Hall-011 Osgoode-Hall-018 Osgoode-Hall-022

During my short visit, I practiced basic command of photography, mainly choosing the subject and post-correction via Photoshop. I hope my new hobby will progress enough to get a good camera and more occasions to go out and visit famous sites and buildings.


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