Film #13. Roman Holiday (1953)

Annex - Hepburn, Audrey (Roman Holiday)_03

My recent viewership of the Extraordinary Women documentary episode on Audrey Hepburn rekindled my fascination with the beautiful actress. More precisely, I have been deeply charmed by the handsome and deep-voiced Gregory Peck from the To Kill a Mockingbird unit I taught in my recent student teaching placement.

Honestly, I have seen Roman Holiday multiple times with my mom as one of her favourites, but it did not stick into my mind because I was young. So I played it again.

My new impression was that it’s too romantic to be true. No princess or well-bred woman would casually smile and say “how do you do” to a strange man who took her to his room over the night. In 2013, she would sue him for sexual assault. Moreover it’s highly unlikely for a young man and woman fall in love with each other in one day without knowing who he/she is… But I admit Joe Bradley is a good looking and pleasant man to spend a night with. I would be happy to wake up and see Gregory Peck gazing at me… Ok enough of this.

I think the scenario is rather simple. Roman Holiday  is a purely escapist film devoid of a concrete political or historical context compared to other timeless classics such as Casablanca or Sound Of Music. I suspect it was more for the big names associated with the film that made it famous. Audrey Hapburn was a new face then, but would she have won an Oscar if she debuted with a less profiled director ?

For me, I was delighted to see the charming posture of Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday. It’s sad that neither Peck and Hepburn isn’t around any more for a possibility of a sequel. It was discussed at one point but never came true. How regretful!

I’m searching for another globally appealing title from Gregory Peck’s filmography but there are little I can recognize other than Roman Holiday and To Kill a Mockingbird… I will try anything and everything available.


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4 responses to “Film #13. Roman Holiday (1953)

  1. JAHirsch

    Have you tried Gentleman’s Agreement? A very interesting Gregory Peck film from his early career.

    • Thank you for the recommendation! I will definitely try that out!

      • Mariela Pavese

        You´ll be surprised watching him in “Duel in the Sun” starring a quite different character.

      • I have never known about “Duel in the Sun” but I will surely check it out. I would also very much like to see Peck in a coloured film. Thanks for the recommendation!

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