Using KOBO Touch e-reader


I bought KOBO Touch e-reader yesterday at a local Chapters for Canadian $99.99. After months of fruitless research, I concluded it’d be best to get one e-reader for myself and play around with it in order to get full knowledge of its features. Despite its well-known benefits (portability, paperless, weightless, capability for over 10,000 books, etc), I was kind of stricken by its inflexibility that won’t contain the free ebooks downloaded from elsewhere. I have to take some time and training to get friendly with this device that clearly distinguishes from any other mobiles I have been familiar with (i.e. cellphone, iPhone, tablet PC, mp3 player) .

After all, I am happy to save myself from exhaustingly walking down the alleys to seek the copies of books I want. I was beginning to get tired of Chapters and Indigo’s commercialness that overlooks the importance of classics to readers. has a decent list of free Classics ebooks I can enjoy (but not Thais by Anatole France and Swann’s Way by Marcel Proust!! :(), but I won’t refrain myself from paid books whenever I am determined to get through the reading. I purchased The Pearl by John Steinbeck for the price just same as the physical book, which was just worth spending.


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