Starting Escape from Camp 14: One Man’s Remarkable Odyssey from North Korea to Freedom in the West

I have put a hold on Emma for the second time. I think I’m getting too much of Austen’s typical themes and characterizations… Of course she is amazing writer but I think I have had enough of her.

I have been tasting a few pages of this one and that one, including Les Misérables and the Scarlet Letter. I’m considering getting a Kindle for the amount of ebooks available for free. It’s amazing to know that most classics are available in free ebooks from sources like

When I was out with my cousin to browse laptops, I walked into Chapters and saw these two non-fictions I always wanted to read (the other being Susan Cain’s Quiet)on the Bestseller shelf. As soon as I got home I ordered them online that offered 30% discount. I have been fascinated by the stories of Shin Dong-hyuk on the newspaper articles. I was surprised by his bright and normal outlook that resembles any college student you met on the street; you won’t believe looking at a man born and raised in a North Korean concentration camp.

I do really hope that the reunification of the Korean peninsula has actually become as imminent as many perceive. That was what we were misled to believe when Kim Il Sung died in 1994, but I wish that our current anticipation is not repeating the same past. It’s not possible to know when and how it will be done, but I believe things have substantially progressed in the 18 years.

I will include the details about the book in the reviewing post. Instead, I’m attaching his 15-minutes interview footage below that surveys important facts about himself and his life at the concentration camp.


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