Lauding Taylor Swift’s fourth studio album RED

I didn’t see country music globally inclusive because it originates from the region where diversity is not much celebrated. That was why I have not paid proper attention to the gorgeous and ingenious Taylor Swift until now, shortly after she released much anticipated fourth studio album Red. I accidentally heard several songs and I could not help peeking at the album cover, just to see where these sweet songs came from. Of course, some do criticize her loss of ‘Country-ness’ but I can tell you that her new direction has earned her a considerably increased number of fans, including myself. Maybe it is because of the participation of Max Martin the legendary producer of Britney Spears, BSB and N’Sync who literally dominated the 2000’s pop world.

Taylor is an amazing musician. She’s coming to Toronto next June but I didn’t succeed to reserve a ticket 😦 I’d love to see State of Grace as the mindblowing opening number; I’m certain it will be the first song she’s going to sing in this tour.

I want to do a lesson on poetic devices with Taylor’s lyrics. Here’s example:

Polysyndeton (repeated use of conjunctions): Thinking all love ever does is to break, and burn, and end. (Taylor Swift, Begin Again)

Let me come back with more!


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