My fruitless commitment in NaNoWriMo

Even in the midst of busy days writing sample lesson plans and reflections for my Education courses as well as filling required volunteer hours for my upcoming student teaching terms, I thought I might spare some time on the NaNoWriMo for this month. I gave this showy title ‘Partygoer’ and planned a story based on my unsuccessful romantic attempt in the past but couldn’t get more than just few paragraphs.

I wished I would be a writer but I don’t know if I am still holding to that intrinsic motivations until now. I don’t think the shift of my current interest rely on the shift of the culture; I love the English language as much as I love my native language. My frustration with writing is mainly due to my lack of experience with other people;  I’m frustrated in giving solid qualities in a variety of characters. No matter how hard I try I just ended up creating an unvaried clones of myself. I just can’t write a wonderful romance without actually having experienced a wonderful romance myself. I hate to think that I’m just not that imaginative writer. 😦

By the way, I’m planning a major epic story that sprang from my innermost secret fantasies; of course it will be romance but I honestly don’t know how it will turn out. It will feature a reluctant prince and a determined female warrior. Yes, a physically unwilling but philosophical prince that somewhat resembles Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but much more sympathetic and clement. I am simply oblivious what to reference for my heroine. She is strong-willed, royal and committed, but her biggest weakness is that she is so ignorant of her innermost desires. They were both adopted and have led a life that was decided for them. The overarching question they try to answer is “who and where am I?”









Of course I will definitely complete my 50,000 words and submit them some time in the future. If not this year, I can try next year. After I have succeeded in this challenge I will definitely know how to make it entertaining and productive for my prospective pupils. I wish that day would come!


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