Teachability of a book

I have to confess that my independent reading project was too much interrupted by the coursework that required me to read the whole bunch of reading material. I was forced to read this Holocaust memoir called ‘All But My Life‘ by a Polish-American woman named Gerda Weissmann Klein. It was heartfelt story of the wartime but the genre itself wasn’t really appealing to me; I’m not into memoirs or autobiography unless I’m going to marry that person.

It has become somewhat difficult to select a book for a private read. As a prospective educator, I’m increasingly concerned about the ‘teachability’ of the books I am and will be reading. I tremendously enjoy Jane Austen but I’m won’t be teaching it to high schoolers. I know how timeless and awakening Pride and Prejudice is but not every teenager is going to see the value of it in that particular time of their lives. In the same respect, I’m not going to teach Les Misérables, though it is one of the greatest books in the world, simply because I won’t be able to spend just the whole semester on that huge volume alone. As for non-fiction, I’m baffled to bring the hugely opinionated Michael Sandel’s Justice and Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers into classrooms, although they were awesome ways to spend my private time.

I don’t know if I have enough texts in stock for my prospective pupils. Other than the well-known titles such as Lord of the Flies, Brave New World, and Hamlet, I would love to bring Diary of Anne Frank, Demian, and Miguel Street into my classroom. But how could I teach them as meaningful to their lives as they were to me?

Fiction can be hugely divisive; some people love it and others can hate it. A majority of adults may not see its value throughout their entire lifetime apart from a certain group called bookworms. It may be much useful for the students to learn how to read newspapers and contracts.

I wish I could teach just one fiction in a school year. Of course I appreciate fiction but it won’t apply to ‘all.’ As a future educator, I value ‘diversity’ in every possible way; I must come up with materials that would suit all interests from all backgrounds.


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