Her Majesty’s Theatre, home to the fantastical and romantic Phantom of the Opera

Attending a musical performance cannot be missed in any tourist’s schedule in London, home to worldly musical productions including Les Miserables, The Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Miss Saigon and many others. Frankly, I’m not a big fan of musicals except a few with catchy songs and an appealing story. Among the several major titles known to my humble musical knowledge, the Phantom was the one that perfectly suits my tastes for its fantastical stage and its poignant romance between the deformed Phantom and the fair Christine.

When I was planning the trip to Europe, I thought it was the chance to realize one of my lifelong dreams (many of which had come true during the seven days) so I visited www.londonmusicaltickets.com and was delighted to see that the Phantom was on sale.  So, we finally caught the pleasure to watch the Brilliant Original production of the Phantom of the Opera in Her Majesty’s Theatre, the very place where the original production of the world’s most successful musical opened back in 1986.

There is no possible way for me to relieve the dazzling experience I had that evening in this brief post; I was not very much conscious about the Brilliant Original production we saw in the Theatre commemorated the 25 years of the famous musical. Shortly after the summer, they hosted a special 25th anniversary production in Royal Albert Hall that was screened for the whole world. I did post about it so feel free to read it here .

Without intending it, the performance turned out to be the only evening schedule we had during the entire trip, eventually made our first day in London even more unforgettable, giving us a chance to see the excitements of the night in the Piccadilly Circus on our way back to the twin room.

The glittering memories from the theatre still lingered in my brother’s head, who had no prior interest in musical performances, until he muttered “I want to see the Phantom again” on our flight back to Toronto. As for me, I honestly don’t know what number of the Phantom productions I will see before I die. This is how much I love the musical.

Starry Ticket 🙂

It’s not very discernible from here: the central object on the stage is the covered Chandelier, which would create a surprising spectacle at the end of Act I.

We posed for this picture as a token of gratitude by the Japanese tourists for whom I gladly took their shot 😉


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