Trailer: “Anna Karenina” (November 2012)

Following Pride and Prejudice (2005)  and Atonement (2007), the 2012 production of Anna Karenina is a reunion of director Joe Wright and Keira Knightley. Many would think this will be a rebound for Keira whose recent filmography was a bit of disappointment… As far as I can see in this trailer, the film looks mostly about the affair and inner struggles of Anna as the foremost protagonist while the roles of Levin (the actual hero in Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina) and Vronsky seem somewhat diminished from that in the novel. Instead, Anna’s husband Karenin is played by Jude Law, as to enlarge the impact of the character as the dictator of Anna’s tragic fate (“We are brought together by the bond that can only be broken by a crime against God.”)

No matter how accurately they relived the Russian empire, I feel good about Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina for its glittering art direction and costumes, as well as the enchanting OST.


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