Along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées

I was envious of the Parisians who had the luxury of spending their full-day leisure in the handsomely-kept gardens and expansive retails, cafes and restaurants along the “most beautiful avenue in the world.” The Champs-Élysées was far more spectacular than what a tourist’s busy eyes could capture, for they are allowed only a few hours in one destination no matter of its depth of historicity and popularity. I had to stand the urge to forget everything and sit on the bench for endless hours under the sun, immersing myself into the sincere appreciation to be here on earth.

The avenue runs for 1.91km from the Place de la Concorde from the east to the Arc de Triomphe in the west, the monuments that are part of Axe Historique (Historical Axis).

Place de la Concorde. This public square was the place of execution during the “Reign of Terror”. While the guillotine is no longer seen, the Luxor Obelisk greets the visitors at the centre of the place, as to forget all the bloody memories from the past.

As shopping was not a major stop for my plan for limited budget, I refrained myself from entering other retails than Nike for my athletic brother.

Towards the Arc de Triomphe. I wondered what was its daily impression to the Parisians to whom the iconic monument was part of their home.


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