Trafalgar Square in London, England

If anyone asks me what was the biggest landmark in London, I would definitely answer Trafalgar Square. This wide public space commemorates the Battle of Trafalgar (1805) where British Royal Navy defeated French-Spanish Navy led by Napoleon. No tourist would miss the sky-high Nelson Column exhibiting the undying pride of this historic victory.

As London’s symbolic space, the Square was amazingly crowded by Londoners and visitors alike, as if to manifest the diverse community of the city. The most captivating scenery was the National Gallery where I have been dreaming to visit.

One of my most anticipated destinations, the National Gallery. Operated purely by the government, it offers free entrance to all visitors for a collection of 2,300 paintings from mid-13th century to 1900. The most memorable painting I saw here was “The Execution of Lady Jane Grey” by Paul Delaroche. 

You could see the countdown to the 2012 London Olympics just behind the fountain.

On one of the four lions guarding Nelson Column. As a popular photozone, we had to wait for our turn among other tourists. Londoners used to be mourning here for the tragic death of Princess Diana back in 1996.


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