Visiting Sherlock Holmes Museum in London, England

The Sherlock Holmes Museum is located on 221B Baker St, the fictitious address where Sherlock Holmes lived with his friend Dr. Watson.

I have yet to read the remaining series of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but my brother and I have decided to visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum for our shared fervour for a Japanese anime heavily based on the famous character. To a non-Sherlokian visitor, the museum resembles am exquisitely furnished 18th-century British apartment with every interior detail directly materialized from the novel.

The story behind the establishment of the privately-run museum proves the international fame of Sir Doyle’s creation. The Scottish author’s descendants were unfavourable to the idea of the museum and its bearing the address of 221B Baker Street for suggesting that the fictional detective had really existed.¬†Geographically, it is located 239 Baker Street so it was a nearby building that had received letters from Holmes fans from all part of the world until 2002. It seems like such letters are still being sent to 221B Baker St, now the property of the museum.

Richly furnished interior. In many ways the museum is more like a well-kept residence of an absent inhabitant.

I have seen this famous portrait of Sherlock Holmes from the wing of my unread hard-cover book. For he’s never been a real live man, I’d never be sure if he had beard or not.


The signature symbols of the fantastic detective.

The top floor was full of wax figures depicting the scenes and characters in the novel. Yes, it’s wax I’m mimicking, not human!

The adorable maids (i.e. costumed female guides) were my favourite feature in this museum. It was minutes before the closure, so they looked a bit exhausted from the day of long-queued visitors.


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