Teen Top : “To You” M/V (Performance ver.)

I’m sharing an amazing performance video of Teen Top, a rapidly rising South Korean boy group of six members (C.A.P, Chunji, L.Joe, Niel, Ricky, Changjo). They are best known for their perfect choreographic unison (also known as “knife choreography” for its sharpness and discipline) and their remarkable singing ability while executing complex dance moves. Most of the members are senior high school and university students who have been  discovered, trained and produced by Andy Lee, a member of the longest running boy group in the nation, Shinhwa.

Since their debut in July 2010, Teen Top have released a number of dance tunes (e.g. “Clap”, “No More Perfume On You”, “Crazy”) that immediately became hits for their unique catchy melodies. “To You” is the title song of their third mini-album aRtisT released on May 30, 2012. What I love about this song is the groovy base sound that creates an odd synergy with the graceful yet powerful choreography.  I hope you enjoy it as well! 😀


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