My memories from the Windsor Castle

There is a heightened buzz about the Queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations this week (2-5 June, 2012). It’s a rare thing that happens in the world these days, making me wish to be part of the celebration from the other side of the planet, just like I enjoyed the royal wedding via TV and YouTube.

I visited London last summer and remember the interesting rumours the tour guide shared on the bus to the Windsor Castle. Queen Elizabeth II is generally expected to surpass Queen Victoria’s 64 years of reign, the longest in British history. The immediate heir, Prince Charles might take different regnal name like George the seventh. The 2010 film ‘King’s Speech’ provides a familiarizing outlook on the modern British monarchy, making the glittering interior of the Windsor Castle seem somewhat intimate.

The daily tour schedule only allowed me a limited experience in the castle. Due to the short period of free time before returning to the bus to the next destination, I missed the view from the Long Walk, the Queen Mary’s Dollhouse and what not.  But I have a whole life to come back here with my loved ones, so there is nothing I’ll miss!

St. George’s Chapel in the Middle Ward, a prominent Gothic architecture the Castle.

This makes a typical ‘title’ photo of my vacation in Europe, doesn’t it? 😀

The Round Tower I saw on the way upwards to the entrance to the 20+ rooms open to public.

Taking pictures inside the castle was strictly prohibited, only allowing me to capture the medieval stone walls under the sky. Every view in the Windsor Castle is carefully framed, so most tourists would not miss this particular feature in the ground.

Doesn’t this scene gives the spooky ‘medieval’ feeling? Thomas More seemed to be locked in that tower, waiting for execution. (Of course I’m not ignorant of the fact that he died in the Tower of London, which I’ll be posting about shortly :D)


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