City from the River: Bateaux Mouches

Viewing the city from La Seine was the last mission we completed in our four days in Paris. Bateaux Mouches, meaning “fly (insect) boat”, are the most successful excursion boats operating on the river. I could see a pack of tourists from all different parts of the world, for all official traveling agencies must include this famous attraction in their schedules.

I had planned to get on the boat in the evening in order to sit back and enjoy the amazing night scenes of Paris. But our malnutritional and overambitious plan did not allow that luxurious moments–during the most days in our trip we were so fatigued before six. Whether I intended it or not, this marked my last memory in Paris, where I solemnly pledged to return to see the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Pyramids at the night time. 😀

Ready to set sail 😀

Pont Alexander III and Grande Palais. This picture really captured a typically classique feeling of Paris.

The grand façade of the Gare d’Orsay, now housing Musée d’Orsay. It instantly took my breath away, for I hadn’t realize its architectural magnitude at the time of my visit to the museum.

Parisians enjoying their moments by the Seine. I apologize for my ignorance of the zoom option in my newly obtained iPhone…

Notre-Dame Cathedrale slowly reveling itself. Earlier in the trip I did take a picture in front of the building, which allowed me only a brief time to stay for its immense crowd.

The side of the Cathedral. Note how it looks from from the front.

Towards the Seine, the Louvre really presents itself as an imperial palace.
Contemplating on the exteriority of each landmark from the river was an entirely different experience from visiting and examining the display inside the individual building, because the view from the Seine allowed my eyes to perceive the profound relationship between each venue and the entirety of strategic and cultural history of the world’s most visited city itself.

The lofty erection of La Tour Eiffel signaled the end of the amazing hour on the Seine…

adieu, Paris!


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