After seeing the Great Gatsby 2012 Trailer

The Great Gatsby 2012 Trailer

As one of the ardent fans of F. Scott Fitzerald’s masterpiece, the official trailer only left me two reasons I won’t be dying to see this film. First of all, the glittering scenes in the beginning don’t look like 1922 at all. The setting is very thematic in the Great Gatsby but Baz Luhrmann seemed to have rendered it just as visually appealing backgrounds, just like the ways he did in Moulin Rouge!, Romeo+Juliet, and Australia. I understand that the Hollywood producers have found Gatsby’s lavish parties as their next subject for 3D theatres, but the story itself should be more about an interior exploration of emotions, rather than full-scaled cinematic adventure. I would hate to see the actors as part of the set.

Secondly, Carey Mulligan’s Daisy Buchanan seemed too frightened and passive, somewhat devoid of the maturity and vivacity of the character Mia Farrow successfully caught in the 1974 production. Does the actress have the charm that DiCaprio (i.e. Jay Gatsby in 2012) blindly pursed over the years ? (Apologies for Carey’s fans, but I haven’t seen  her movies except Pride and Prejudice) I know it’s all too hasty to judge from this 3 minute clip, but it may be best for me to keep it as the original vintage.

Whether I like it or not, this movie will prove how the perception on the great novel has changed over the decades.


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