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I’ve just discovered this “GoodRead” widget and played around it a bit. I have to add it three times to make it display all the three-lists (Read, Reading, to Read). Although I am always reading some book, the times I post the review is highly irregular, meaning that I can be posting reviews on a book I read years ago. I’m hoping this widget will function as an organizer of my sporadic reading activities.

I was somewhat afraid to add books on the Currently Reading because some of the books may take infinite to finish them… I almost gave up reading Angel and Demons when I have a handful of world classics at hand. I have Ursula K. Le Guin’s Left Hand of Darkness glaring by my side, waiting to be picked up as soon as I’m done with Hardy.

I’ve recently finished Anna Karenina; after which I’m done with the 850+ pages of this grand novel I feel like that I can swallow anything.

Until now I only delved in the classics prior to WWII, but from now on I’m planning to switch between a classic and a contemporary fiction/non-fiction. I’m dying to read Power of Introverts by Susan Cain, which I have to wait for another three months to be available from my branch… 😦


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