My favourite paintings at the Louvre

It’s so thankful for the tourists to take pictures anywhere at the Louvre as long as it doesn’t flash.  Although I recognized many of the paintings in the Louvre wall, my artistic knowledge did not include all the titles and painters’ names, which was not really necessary to emotionally respond to the artwork. Anyhow, I had a quiet fun afterwards searching for the names for the paintings saved in my iPhone. There are just so many treasures that did not require my personal comments, so I chose only the few that I consider ‘personal discoveries’ and posted below.

“Grande Odalisque (1814)” by Jean Auguste Ingres. I think this painter excelled in female nude, although the physique in the artwork is slightly out of anatomical proportion. But I love this one best of all the female nudes because of the mysterious seduction in her eyes that never fails to capture the viewer’s heart.

There are none other works by Jacque-Louis David that presents him as the natural-born artist than this Self-Portrait (1794), where the model is humbly revealing his identity by holding palette and brushes. I was impressed by the level of intimacy and honesty in this small painting about the artist who left so many artworks that have become more famous that himself.

“Pygmalion (1819)” by Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson. I adored that tiny golden-haired angel in the middle that sweetly brings Pygmalion and Galatea together, as to depict the heavenly delight of the epic moment when the ivory statue miraculously turned into a real live woman.
What a lovely piece of legend !!! 😀


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