Most anticipated movies in summer 2012

Avengers (May 5)

This one looks hot… it’s not even released yet but the score already runs 9 out of 10 at… Most of the 10,000 voters were at the screenings in US and left enthusiastic reviews that just push anyone to the theatre. Well, the filmmakers must have anticipated this because project had been elaborated a way back since almost the beginning of Marvels debut in Hollywood, as they have hinted in each of the superhero film (e.g. Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor). I’m not that into the Marvels superheroes to be excited about the Avengers but I’m gonna enjoy it anyway as a nice way to spend the summer 😉

Dark Shadows (May 11)

The union of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton that almost has become a clichĂ©. Sweeney Todd was a blow, but I doubt there’ll be same depth in Dark Shadows that looks like a nice cool breezing entertaining show. There was always some amount of ‘blackness’ in Tim Burton’s comedies that make themselves so memorable (e.g. Edward Scissorhands). I’m wondering how Dark Shadows is going to play it out… But I’ll wait to see another praise for the duo.

Dark Knight Rises (July 20)

I’m going to see it less as the much-awaited continuation of Dark Knight (2008) but more as another Christopher Nolan after Inception. Just like anybody else, I’m anticipating that Dark Knight Rises would surpass it’s prequel,   just because he can. I’m dying to see Anne Hathaway in Catwoman suit!

Snow White and the Huntsman (June 1)

The label of ‘Kristen Stewart’ gives me the feeling that Snow White and the Huntsman is going to be another teenage chic movie, but I’m hoping they didn’t make another imitation of Twilight with Charlize Theron. I wish I could see it at the Humber Theatre just across the corner from my house…


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