Versailles, the monument stripped of its glory

It’s more than two centuries since the monarchy was subdued in France. Versailles gave a quiet different feeling from Windsor Castle in England where it is still revered today.

Even while I’m gazing at the glorious interior of the Royal Chapel or the heavenly paintings at the ceilings, I felt that those exhibits exposed to common eye have been stripped of the utmost dignity and pride of Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. It’s difficult to say they are still breathing behind every structure and artifacts inside the palace, since the emotional continuity between those royal preservation and our modern perception have been severed a long ago when the Revolution swept the whole nation.

The amount of efforts to preserve those heritages from eager tourists were felt a lot lesser than the English who still respect the ones residing there. I was surprised that I was allowed to take pictures anywhere in the palace.

When I was exploring the Gardens I was amazed at the unrestrained indulgence of the Bourbons. At the same time, I also wondered why the French did not demolish Versailles, the very symbol of the luxury and privileges they opposed. I guess they preserved it as a classical reminder of the old grandeur of their nation. The traces of the bloody struggle to shift the national sovereignty was not visible anywhere in this glorious monument.

The endless scale of the Musical Gardens simply took my breath away. I don’t want to comment on our short expense or my impatient company to cycle around the gardens or visit the Petit Trianon… 😦

After all, I can still be dreaming to visit there again 🙂


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