My Inspirational People #1 : Meryl Streep

There are currently five people (Meryl Streep, Jane Austen, J.K. Rowling, Barack Obama, and Pearl S. Buck) in the ‘Inspirational People’ section on my Facebook profile. And one may wonder what led me to choose those specific people–well, my choice is rather straightforward for a young lover of history and art, for three of them are legendary writers, one is the historically elected president, and the other is the ‘greatest living actress.’

Meryl Streep is somehow my first choice that went through my head for a less than a second…  I chose her because of her well-known ability to balance work and family. I have seen her interview at Ellen where she attributes to her wonderful husband (“the right man”). I admire her for exemplifying an ideal womanhood in the new time of the 21st century, when young women aspire to succeed both in marriage and profession. When I see Meryl, I’m happy to feel that such goal is never too much, as long as I love what I do and have a faith in someone by my side.


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