A hopeful trip to your dream destination

A getaway trip to a dream destination is one of the best way to celebrate the beginning in stepping into the real world. It will be even better to persuade some friends who are also feeling the same things in their routines with seemingly exciting and interesting plan.

So where are these “dream destinations”? Nova Scotia & PEI have been always on my list, wishing to see the real Titanic and Green Gables someday. But would a group of alcoholic young adults tolerate days of historical and literary tours? New York is a popular choice, but a good portion of Torontonians must have been there once in their life so there’d be nothing new in this particular trip.

Disney World in Florida sounds charming for anybody,  only when they can secure a good budget… I think the plan will sound with a clear theme and interesting options, but would they be really ready to step out of the daily frustrations and worries?


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  1. Well, if I had my druthers, I’d druther 😆 go see PEI. I love the Avonlea series and the Anne of Green Gables books.

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