How to choose a Good Book?

Every reader must have his/her own list of books they are going to be reading soon. I have built many and seldom got through the bottom of one… I used to contemplate on my failure and realized that I have a tendency to fancy titles that are highly above me. How on earth a fifth-grade girl going to read and understand the full length of Margaret Mitchelle’s Gone With The Wind on her own, unless she is a literary super-genius? Scarlett O’Hara’s epic struggles of warfare and love were far beyond my scope of comprehension. Same was Sinclair’s meditation on the separation between superficial and spiritual worlds in Herman Hesse’s Demian, which was way too serious and sophisticated to even begin.

It was not until I got into the maturity of the 20s I could finally enjoy those books. I finished up Gone With The Wind and Demian shortly after I entered into college, the time I was beginning to feel uncertain about my future. I admired Scarlett’s courage and Sinclair’s intelligence in their extraordinary views on life. After reading them, I realized stories that reflect something real and truthful in [the reader’s] life can really be thoroughly understood and enjoyed. A book infiltrates into one’s heart when it provides a genuine insight into his/her own problems and worries. Now I feel like having developed that kind of literary sense. International fame or the titles of literary awards are certainly attractive but they alone usually don’t come to my choice of books.

Now I am searching for another hero/heroine that are as honest and articulate as Scarlett and Demian. Which literary figure will guide me in this time of even more grave uncertainty, fear and hesitation?


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