Film #02. Which Way Home (2009, DVD)

I learned of this film in the last Oscar night (2010) introducing the nominees for Best Feature Documentary. The winner was The Cove, which I have yet to see, that exposes a shocking instance of dolphin abuse in Japan. As a political science major, the subjects of child migrants (Which Way Home) and corporate lies (Food Inc.) were much more appealing. An access to Food Inc. was easier than Which Way Home, maybe because of its dealing with more intimate commodity in our lives, that is, food. As a public viewer, Which Way Home was more difficult to access because of its relatively limited range of audience who takes the tales of illegal immigrants closely concerned with their immediate interests.

I finally got a chance to watch Which Way Home in the new year when the film was finally released in DVD. The film tells the stories of two Honduran boys, Kevin and Fito, who journey across Central Americas in order to reach the United States for a chance to better life. They are not alone in their reckless but hopeful trip; along their way they met several others who travel to the same destination with same goal. Even so, they are not safe from dangers of poor traveling facilities and heartless smugglers. As they trace Kevin and Fito’s initial optimism descending into disappointment and despair, the filmmakers also take an incisive look on the heartbreaking scenes of family separation and broken promise in the realities of child migrants with dreams of better future.

I was disturbed by Kevin and Fito’s notion of ‘home’ in Honduras that offers no security or purpose in life. Kevin once lived with a stepfather who always brushes him aside. Fito has been left by his unfulfilling mother. As the two boys speak unenthusiastically about where they came from, we are strongly drawn into the meaning of their journey that once seemed totally unprepared and groundless.

I was happy to see this film that invokes an understanding of the formerly invisibles in the shadows of poverty and frustration prevalent in other side of the world. I could not hear of their recent whereabouts, but I believe they are belonging to somewhere safe. I recommend this documentary to those who are questioning about the meaning of his/her life. Kevin and Fito will give you some answers.



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2 responses to “Film #02. Which Way Home (2009, DVD)

  1. I was so moved by the movie Which way home. I cannot stop thinking about the lack of love that Fito and Kevin have. The movie really broke my heart in pieces. After the movie I just wanted to hug my 2 year old son and dream of opening a home for the kids right in Tijuana. Besides the lack of food and shelter the kids need a home with guidance away from poverty and abuse. I pray that Fito, Kevin and the other kids from the movie are in a better condition now. If somebody knows if the kids are ok please let me know. I just need to have peace about it. I do not know about you, but I will sleep better knowing that we are doing something to change for better.

    • Thank you for your comment. It’s great relief that more people are aware of this issue and willing to take actions to help those children. I also was ignorant of their lives before but now I feel better to know that there are many people who are ready to show them what love means.

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