Weekly spreads I have tried in my bullet journal

Hello dear visitors,

Of all recurring bullet journal spreads, weeklies allow the widest room for creativity. No two consecutive weekly spreads look identical in my bullet journal. There are some styles I had stuck to for some time, but I never gave up trying new things. I think it’s worthwhile to compile all weekly layouts I have tried so far.

I divided my weekly layouts into two large categories: One-page and two-page.

One-page weeklies

1. Vertical

I tried this vertical one-page weekly spread where I set the days vertically across one page. I particularly enjoyed the division into Work and Personal, which worked successfully for my schedule. The downside of this style is the lack of extra space to put the weekly to-do list or habit tracker.

2. Horizontal

This is a semi-minimalist one-page weekly spread where I put the days horizontally across the page. You just need to divide the page into 8 equal parts, the first or last of which will be the extra space you can put the weekly to-do list.

Two-page weeklies

  1. Vertical columns

This is perhaps the longest used weekly spread, where I assigned equal-sized vertical columns for each day. I made sure that I have eight columns across two pages, with equal column for each day of the week, and the “This Week” column for my weekly to-do list. At the bottom of the daily column, I sometimes added my food log. I added some doodles and daily journals to fill the blank space in the daily column. There was so much room to be creative with this layout!

2. Horizontal


I stuck to this style for some time. You can get equal-sized spaces for each day with extra space for weekly tasks. This is very easy and perhaps the quickest weekly layout to set up!

3. Box type


In the box-type weekly spread, you need to draw equal-sized rectangles for each day of the week. It is visually satisfying but takes somewhat longer to set up than the ones above, where you just need to draw lines.

To conclude…

There are more short-used layouts I have tried but I choose not to share in this post because they lasted only a single week. I always try to assign equal spaces for ALL days of the week, instead of squeezing both days of the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) in a same box, like many of bullet journalists do. Extra space comes always handy to add weekly tasks, goals and habit trackers.

I will try and show more weekly spreads in the future!